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& she was warm, she was bright. i was drawn to her. but she was wildfire: there is no taming wildfire. they fight for love, for life & don't give up. she can't be s a v e d.


"i’ve learnt more on tumblr than i ever have at school!!!!!"

ok PLEASE try getting a job or getting into college with your fucking qualification from tumblr dot com


repeat after me, folks: there’s a difference between liking villainous characters and being obsessed with the idea that they’re somehow better people than they actually are.


okay but if you think that Lydia Martin just sat back and took that shit, you’re even more deluded than Jeff Davis. 


give me bloodthirsty Lydia. give me Lydia grilling Deaton on resurrection. Lydia breaking into ancient libraries and stealing the texts she needs. Lydia foregoing sleep because there is no other option, no other alternative. Allison will not die, now, or ever if she has anything yo say about it. 

Lydia tight-lipped and lashing out at anyone that tries to stand in her way. Lydia snapping at anyone that tries to calm her down because you are either helping me, or you are against me. 

give me a Lydia with no limits.

"the spell calls for blood of her line" Isaac points out and so she carves Gerard’s heart out of his chest, ignores Scott’s protests, slaps Stiles across the face when tries to pull her back and when she is done she asks ‘what’s next?’. 

give me Lydia digging Allison’s body out of the Earth, alone if she has to. With her bare hands, if she has to. Lydia staying there all night if she has to, muttering in ancient Hebrew until the stench of death clogs her mouth and nose.

Lydia bringing Allison back with a scream. 


dead. allison argent is dead. dead at seventeen. she never went to senior prom. she never got the chance to apply to college. to go to college, even. she’ll never bring a child into the world, never get married, never try and learn from her parents’ mistakes and teach a younger generation how to fight for themselves without hatred building in their chests. she’ll never get to see another sunrise, will never shoot another arrow, will never grow into herself the way she wanted to because i know she still had hopes. dreams. wants. and they’re gone.

she’s dead and i don’t know how the hell i’m ever going to stop crying.


reminder: you don’t have to write a character off a show by killing them

yes lets kill off one of our three female main characters

yes lets kill off the character who’s portrayed by a very passionate and wonderful actress

yes lets kill off the character who’s been there since the start and we’ve gotten extremely emotionally attached to

yes lets kill off the character who lots of viewers love and look up to

let’s kill that one 


allison argent died this night protecting her friends and living by her code that she made and don’t any of you fucking forget it

i won’t LET you fucking forget it


you take the strongest character in your arsenal, the most real with the best story arc and best motivations and the most fucking fantastic character growth and development and you KILL HER? and for what? shock value?

i want to be sick, that was the biggest mistake they could have made.


they actually did it 

they actually killed 1 of the only 2 female leads in the fucking show

they killed her without a good climax, without a good reason, without giving her any agency to the decision or in her passing. instead of focusing on the fact that she, as a fucking teenager who was extremely smart and talented, would not have the chance to live the rest of her life, they made her talk about her romantic feelings for scott and how dying in his arms was “perfect,” as if dying that young could ever be perfect in any circumstance ever. they made her die trying to protect her friends and save lydia yes, but in a quick hurried way. they didn’t even give us a proper moment for her father to respond to seeing his child dead. we’ve spent three seasons with allison argent, knowing her, loving her - and they give us this. fucking great.